Liverpool told to pay £50m for top defensive target

Football is a game of planning, organising, directing, and coordination but above all it is a game of luck especially on the injury front.

Liverpool have been lucky this season even though some will argue that they made their own luck. Yes, the 96thminute howler by Pickford that gave Liverpool the whole three points against Everton comes to mind.

However it seems luck is gradually running out on the Premier league table toppers with unimaginable injuries posing a giant challenge to their quest for a premiership crown in close to three decades.

Liverpool are currently with only one fit central defender after starting the season with four. Three are now injured, with two due back a week or two from now and the other unknown.

To remedy the unenviable situation, Liverpool have been linked to Burnley’s central defender James Tarkkowski.

The England International will set Liverpool back close to £50 million if they decide to make a move for him. A huge sum indeed for a player playing for a mid table team.

Anyways, it is the winter window and selling an influential player on such short notice will attract dire consequence for the selling club thus the need to get maximum pounds on him. So the only way to convince Burnley to sell is if Liverpool are willing to buy at what they are offering.

Liverpool play Brighton and Hove Albion on Saturday, it will be interesting to see how the defence is managed with only Virgil Van Dijk the only fit central defender.

Liverpool fans will be hoping for a miracle to help them consolidate their position at the top of the table with a possible makeshift defence that might see Fabinho feature.