Manchester United ready to replace Mourinho with ex player

Interesting reports are filling the air with rumours that former Manchester United player – Ryan Giggs is being targeted to replace Jose Mourinho when he is shown the exit door at Old Trafford.

This news will not be strange considering the fact that recent on and off field events have put the club in negative light. Performances are annoying. No effort is shown on the pitch whatsoever. Tactics are awash with inconsistency. Football is presently not being enjoyed by the proud fans of Manchester United.

On the account of the above, the authorities at the helm of the club have reportedly identified a former player and great of the club to come put aright the ongoing misfortunes at the club.

Jose Mourinho

Ryan Giggs who currently manages his country’s national team in Scotland was once an interim manager at the club after David Moyes got the sack for his boring tactics. He oversaw four matches before the appointment of Louis Van Gaal.

After the ceremonious retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson as coach from the club after 26 years at the helm, managers who have been recruited have all displayed an antithesis for the club’s ethos.

Giggs is a veteran on the football pitch but still a newbie in management. Will he be able therefore to avoid the pitfalls that have claimed two managers and about to claim the third? Only time will tell.

However, it will be refreshing to have a manager who plays front foot football and not the defend first approach being presently on display in every fixture at the club.