Top three devastating injuries suffered by Arsenal players

Injuries are part and parcel of the round leather game. Despite the vast improvements in sports science over the last decade or so. Injuries still have threatened to mar careers.

Arsenal Fc are amongst the big clubs in Europe, notoriously known for the fragility of its players, it is fair to say that injuries suffered by key players have derailed the London side quest for trophies on numerous occasions.

Thus we assess three dreadful injuries suffered by players donning the Gunners jersey.

Aaron Ramsey

A player known for his offensive attributes. The Welsh International upon his introduction into the first team by Arsene Wenger, was heralded as the next big thing after Ryan Giggs.

Sadly, the then 19-year-old suffered an horrific double leg fracture in a clash with Stoke City Captain Ryan Shawcross at the Britannia Stadium, ruling him out for the remainder of the campaign and consequently triggering a series of calls for protection of players.

The Welshman though, has bounced back from that gruesome experience and shown flashes of his talent over the years. Although, he still isn’t consistent enough to be regarded  as a  top player.

Abou Diaby

Once dubbed the next ”Patrick Vieira”, Diaby had a torrid run with injuries, with the frenchman having 42 separate injuries in just nine seasons. This fragility earned him the nickname “L’Homme de Verre”(which means made of glass) by fans.

Undeniably talented, his troubles though arose from an innocuous challenge with Sunderland’s Dan Smith in 2006. The impact of the tackle left Diaby with a fractured ankle, which eventually required three separate surgeries to correct, subsequently ruling the Frenchman for 8 months.

A testament to Diaby’s mental strength, the midfielder bounced back from the nightmare and made appearances for Arsenal also having a brief stint at Marseille. However, his unfortunate lapses to injuries makes him an unwanted man and having being released by Marseille. The 31-year-old is now a free agent.

Eduardo da Silva

Eduardo signed for Arsenal from Dinamo Zagreb in the summer of 2007. Notably known for his goalscoring, the Brazilian-born Croatian etched his name into the League injury records, through his involvement in a tackle that led him sustaining an opened dislocation of his left ankle and a broken left tibula.

The injury was so gruesome, broadcasters of the match, Sky sports opted not to show replays of the incident. Consequently, Eduardo underwent surgeries and eventually made a return to the first team the next season.

However, the injury sustained by the hitman was highlighted as a major fact in Arsenal’s failure to contest for the Premier league trophy in the 2007-2008 season.